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Alexandra Motiu

Artist's description

I am a Brighton based freelance visual artist and printmaker operating under the pseudonym Moatzart. My work has pop art and surrealist art humour with an old masters' feel. In the future, I am to collaborate with other artists and expand the work that happens under Moatzart.

My background is painting and printmaking. I am influenced by Dadaism and Surrealism, and my work is revelatory of internal struggles through disturbing imagery, as the grotesque and carnivalesque is endlessly fascinating. A collage practice followed, as I started using found materials and images, and looked to Duchamp, Hannah Hoch, The Chapman Brothers, Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, and publications like Toilet Paper Magazine.

At Brighton university, I became focused on deskilling and appropriation art, and started working with found objects. One of my biggest projects was The Toy, where I found the original toy that Damien Hirst modelled “Hymn” after, and reaffirmed it as a toy, by presenting the various ways it could be played with, like a reciprocal ready made (using a Rembrandt as an ironing board).

I now mainly focus on my printmaking and collage practice, which either work side by side or I combine more directly. I do linocut, monotype and drypoint prints primarily.