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Alf Wiltshire

Alf Wiltshire
Category Mixed media
Listing date September 24, 2023

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07519 355528

Artist’s description

Wooden key heads

Its all about recycled wood, driftwood, nails, screws, metal, plastic , anything that would normally  be disposed of and never seen again.
Key heads are funny, strange, unusual and functional or should that be funky-tional…maybe not ( they have hooks to hang your keys or anything you want on, weight restrictions and safety at all times.)

Amuse your friends, amuse yourself, you only live twice, but seriously,  ahem, these are totally unique items that reflect the idea of non wastage art …I don’t know if you’ve heard but the world is in eco crisis and this is one of the ways I try to quiet my own conscience. I dare you not to smile when you see them hanging on a wall.

Alf Wiltshire

(not an eco warrior but doing his best.)