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Amanda Bucklow

Amanda Bucklow
Category Painting
Listing date February 26, 2024

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07976 924995

Artist’s description

I have been painting since I was young but followed another path most of my working life. Over the last three or four years, I have rediscovered the joy of painting in watercolour and acrylics. My most recent paintings express the genius loci – the spirit of the place – as I have sensed it. Each painting is inspired by a landscape I have visited. I reimagine them in a playful way, which generates curiosity and the act of remembering.

The place inspires my palette, and I use rich watercolour pigments, mostly mineral or earth pigments with many layers, to get depth and glow. I highlight areas of my paintings with 24 ct gold and silver leaf, for example, the moon, a rooftop, or the glow from windows hinting at the life within. Precious metals lend richness and light to the overall effect of the painting.

My style has a naivety about it, and I paint to bring a smile to the viewer’s faces as they remember or recognise something meaningful for them. As they are all places I have visited and felt a profound connection with, they are meaningful to me and painting them is a joy. I hope they bring joy.