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Caris Jackson

Caris Jackson
Listing date January 14, 2024

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Artist’s description

Collage Artist Extraordinaire

The abandoned, unloved and unwanted are transformed into unique opulent artworks rich in narrative and intrigue .

Caris is a mixed media collage artist who lovingly cuts up discarded magazines, calendars, prints and posters to create lavish multifaceted artworks inspired by kitsch and colourful mid-century graphics and iconography.

The theatrical themes in her work are inspired by her glamorous great grandmother running the local theatre sweet shop and her memories of stepping into the extravagance of red velvet curtains and flocked wallpaper, always with the desire to see what lay behind the façade.

Caris’s work is exhibited around the UK, collected globally and transformed into homewares and merchandise, including a bespoke wallpaper mural relaying the story of the Tyburn Stone’s importance for London markets, on permanent display at Hilton London Metropole Hotel.

Her striking ICON portraits were commissioned for the Latitude Women’s Contemporary Art Exhibition at Latitude Festival 2023 to celebrate trailblazing, uncompromising, unapologetic women from Art, Music and Fashion who went against the grain to make an impact and to leave a lasting legacy.