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Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith
Category Painting
Listing date February 1, 2024

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Artist’s description

Travelling and walking, I record my responses to people and places through a series of drawings, paintings and photographs. I reflect on the feelings, thoughts and memories evoked by the experience when making the work. The ever changing landscape always opens up new vistas. Trying to capture a moment, which resonates for me, where the different elements of light, colour and shade come together in a way that can represent something new. I try to work quickly using intuitive marks in order to encourage this new image to emerge. Like a poem, It should represent a multi layered experience. I also like the idea of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Sometimes the images are found when driving, parking or shopping. Stepping outside of what you are doing to look and reflect is a favourite activity!

Since my degree in Fine Art from Middlesex university I have been making paintings in oil paint and watercolour from my life experiences, particularly focussing on landscape. I work from my garden studio in Lewes and exhibit work in the local Sussex area. I also enjoy teaching students Art at a local 6th Form college in Brighton.