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Charlie Towler

Charlie Towler
Category Mixed media
Listing date February 26, 2024

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Artist’s description

From a fine art background, my style developed over the years from life drawing sessions and sketching, fast expressive mark making, along with capturing movement and energy.

I work with a mix of mediums, including watercolours, charcoal, acrylics, photography, screen print and collage, all relating to the various stages of my work. I usually start to build up layers slowly and draw imagery from the surface; this is the more therapeutic and escapist side of my work. If I discard any pieces, I re-use and incorporate them into new artwork, blending colours and shapes to create something unexpected; this is more structural and has no limitations.

My intention is to give the viewer a sense of depth and a three-dimensional space within the page, created by puddles of colour, geometric shapes, and a sense of balance, all made up of different processes and mediums.