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Cherry Parsons

Category Painting
Listing date January 29, 2024

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Artist’s description

Cherry Parsons is a fine artist, born and raised in Horsham, Sussex. Prior to becoming a professional artist she owned an independent fashion shop in the 70’s. Once her children grew up she decided to study art as a mature student.

Cherry never fails to surprise with new styles and subject matters. Those unacquainted with her work are often amazed that such differing pieces could be produced by the same artist.

She has a keen following for her dancers, landscapes, Mediterranean seascapes and of course her infamous seagulls, which have been shipped all over the globe.

Cherry sells prints and merchandise, such as umbrellas, wrapping paper and greeting cards both online and via various stockists.

Jumping ahead to the present day; Cherry regularly exhibits at galleries, museums and art events.

Alongside her trademark genres, Cherry welcomes commissions; from family portraits, to grand interior murals – she loves taking on a challenge.