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Colleen Conti

Colleen Conti
Category Painting
Listing date January 5, 2020

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01403252985 mobile 07973789149

Artist's description

I am a Sussex landscape artist living and working in Horsham. I have also been Head of Art at a Secondary School for 23 years.
My work originates with landscape, which I am approaching increasingly intuitively, as this allows me the freedom to focus on the essence of a particular place, and my own experience of being in it. I enjoy the co-existence of natural and cultivated aspects of the landscape, its resulting patterns and rhythms and how these can be translated through the physical process of painting: gestural brushstrokes, washes, and fine delineation. The changing light, forms and colours of the landscape through the seasons has a direct influence on my palette. I am perpetually excited by the possibilities afforded by combining colours in different ways: contrasts & harmonies, tonalities, layers and juxtapositions. As a piece progresses, I respond to the possibilities suggested by random marks interacting with intentional shapes in order to achieve rhythm and balance between the compositional elements. I seek to retain the original sense of place whilst allowing the emerging image to evolve into something new.