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Definitley Mary

Artist’s description

My artist journey is based on a characterised version of self-expression. My style encompasses lots of vivid colour and a great deal of attention to detail. I tend to  explore many different mediums and textural techniques.

My paintings are characterised by a playful narrative and an intuitive approach that encourages viewers to explore the world around them. I have exhibited her work in locations across the globe, including Brighton, Bournemouth, London and Singapore.

Over the years I have created commissioned work for several reality shows broadcast on American television, including Gas Monkey, Orange County Choppers and Space Ibiza.

I have sold many artworks to collectors around the world. One particular piece is owned by a well-known figure from the band The Jam.

I  have has also studied counselling and Art as a tool for therapy. Working with several charities and non profit organisations in a means to help others.