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francesca herrera

francesca herrera
Category Jewellery
Listing date July 18, 2023

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Artist’s description

Growing up in a family with a proud Peruvian father and beautiful bohemian mother has meant I have grownup in an environment a little different from most. With swirls of bright colours in our Andean textiles covering our walls and furniture, exotic objects such as giant green snail shells, huge seed pods and ancient pots lining our shelves and of course the sound of my father playing his pan pipes ringing in my ears, I have been engulfed in a world of curiosities.

Subsequently I have bee inspired to create my jewellery with vibrant colours and unusual natural products such as porcupine quills, real beetle shells, parrot feathers, snake spines, rough-cut semi precious stones and intriguing symbols and emblems form around the world.

Palomita jewellery. For a woman who embodies a free spirited bohemian soul