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Jayne Crow

Jayne Crow
Category Painting
Listing date February 27, 2020

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Artist’s description

Dealing with cancer for over 10 years led me to connect with my creative side when I decided to teach myself to paint 2 years ago.

Each new painting is a learning experience, I love to experiment with different subjects and techniques.  I feel my style is evolving as I learn to trust my creative initiative.

I have lived in Sussex for over 20 years but am originally from Australia which is reflected in some of my paintings.

After a recent trip home to visit family I have painted several Australia related pieces including koalas and my tribute to the Australian firefighters.

I currently have a couple of series I’m working on; firstly my Our Ocean series which celebrates the wonders under the sea and includes; jellyfish, seahorses and the beluga whales in my main image.

I have just started my Hey Mum series which will be a number of paintings featuring mother and baby animals, my first in this series is called Hey Mum – Elephant Cuddles.

My paintings vary in size, from 20cm x 20cm as my smallest, my Hey Mum series are A3 size whilst my Our Ocean series are up to 100cm long.