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Laura Seymour

Laura Seymour
Category Sculpture
Listing date February 26, 2024

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Artist’s description

Hello, I’m Laura and I am a mixed media artist from Brighton. Most recently I make fantastical & fabulous female figures from paper.

The women I create all share a common thread whether they be a trapeze artist or flying mythical creature – a frozen moment of movement. Designed to celebrate the female form these are also about telling the tales of powerful women from reclaiming the beauty and power of mythical female monsters to remembering the physical feats of early circus pioneers!

All models are suspended from walls and ceilings or sit on the edge of shelves, catching light and casting moving shadows.

I am also developing model making workshops in Hove in collaboration with a therapeutic clinic to explore creativity and identity with women at all stages of their lives, launching 2024.

I look forward to sharing my models with you!