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Louise Ineson

Louise Ineson
Category Jewellery
Listing date January 22, 2024

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Artist’s description

Louise is a Brighton based jewellery designer and maker with a background in textile design.

Inspired by the natural landscapes that surround her, from the Sussex Downland and South Coast seashore as well as her travels beyond, Louise brings nature’s patterns and textures into her work. 

Louise designs modern, delicate jewellery. Individually handcrafting each piece, ensuring each one is always unique.

Louise is passionate about working sustainably only ever using recycled precious metals ,ethically sourced gemstones and producing in small batches.  All of her packaging is made using fully recyclable and biodegradable materials.

“My design process has always been organic and playful. A lot of inspirations come from textures and patterns I find in nature. Usually whilst out treasure hunting and climbing trees with my young son. I’ve always been sentimental and I think that is what I love so much about jewellery. The meanings and memories these little heirlooms hold and the stories they tell us.

When crafting your jewellery, the same love and sentiment goes in to each piece I make. I love to create treasures to be cherished and that will last.

As my experiences and memories go into the creation of my jewellery, it gives me great satisfaction to think that in time each piece will also hold fond memories for its wearer.”