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Moira Welch

Moira Welch
Listing date July 29, 2023

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Artist’s description

My semi abstract paintings are inspired by organic forms in nature from the Sussex landscape which I now call home. Plants and flowers have a starring role as do the vivid greens of the South Downs with their streaks of chalk, and the clipped precision of the hedgerows that criss-cross the land. The diversity of the landscape is reflected in the variety of materials used to produce my work which includes acrylics, watercolours, ink, pencils, soft oil pastels, chalk and charcoal.

My current project is ‘The Garden Series’ which explores memory, identity, and dreams through the prism of my garden. In the process of hiding then revealing specific marks and colours, memory fragments of past places and times are exposed such as the swaying palms and splashes of hot pink Bougainvillea of my childhood garden in Mozambique, to the delicate poise of the Roses in front of my Grandmother’s house in Kent.

These are places that frequently appear as magical backdrops to my dreams where current, past and imagined gardens blend into one indeterminate space which I aim to capture and convey in my work.