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Mungo Austin

Mungo Austin
Category Painting
Listing date February 28, 2024

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Mungo Austin.

Hi Mungo, Thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing you. I am an accomplished British modern painter and graffiti artist living and working in Brighton.

Mungo Austin graduated from SOAS University of London in 2010 studying Royal Fine Art under the name Geoffrey Austin. He was a missing person in 2015 for three months and was in ITV and other newspapers under the name Geoffrey Austin. He was found in the Middle East that year. Later on he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. He brought the culture and art of Middle Eastern paintings to Europe with him having studied influences there too for a while.

He says, I am a multi-award winning British modern artist as a fifteen-time Koestler Award-winning recipient, including the Gold Award in 2022 (and four more awards) and Highly Commended in 2017 (and four more awards). I regularly exhibit in London and Brighton, including The South Bank Centre in 2022.

It wasn’t obstacle-free, but would you say the journey has been fairly smooth so far?
It has been a surprisingly smooth road, unexpectedly. There have been challenges along the path to becoming a successful full-time painter. Most have been financial, some emotional, but it is sometimes hard to get enough paint and canvas! I also won 2023 Koestler national awards with two platinum awards and a highly commended last year. ‘Blue sentient’ paintings sells at £3,000 pounds each.

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