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Novak Hunter

Novak Hunter
Category Painting
Listing date April 1, 2024

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Artist’s description

I’m a painter of colourful, abstract portrait and figurative works in both acrylics and oils, made in my studio in Brighton’s Open Market.

After a lifetime of drawing and sketching, I began painting in 2017. Since moving to Brighton about two years ago I’ve shown my work locally at several exhibitions and events.

My work often tries to convey a sense of calmness while portraying human connection and empathy, particularly through relationships between men, with a heavy emphasis on colour, shape and texture.

After hosting my own Open Studio during last year’s summer event, I’m now looking to contribute to an Open House showing group works. All my pieces are painted on wooden panel, usually in sizes between 16×20 inches and 30×30 inches on the upper end.