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Priya Dhandapani

Priya Dhandapani
Listing date December 24, 2023

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+44 7466657346

Artist’s description

I’m Priya, and I create beautiful flowers and botanicals using Italian crepe paper. I started this artistic journey in 2019 when I moved to Brighton, and since then, I’ve been deeply involved in the fascinating world of paper art.

My work is inspired by my love for exploring the various flowers and plants found across the United Kingdom. Nature is a big influence on what I do, and I carefully observe its intricate details to recreate them as accurately as possible using paper.

Aside from my focus on botanical art, I also take great pleasure in making detailed paper fruit sculptures and arranging them into eye-catching displays. Each piece I create is a labor of love, demonstrating my commitment to capturing the beauty of nature in a unique and sustainable way.

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to share my creations and contribute to the art community.