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Category Mixed media, Painting
Listing date September 9, 2023

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Artist’s description

PrototypeTM is the moniker for Brighton based artist Rich Dufty.

He studied Electronic and Temporal Arts at Sydney College of The Arts and then Design Communication at the University of Western Sydney. He exhibited work in Sydney Australia and also worked as a VJ at major festivals, nightclubs and touring acts around New South Wales before eventually relocating to the UK.

His work is inspired by the urban environment, nostalgic commercial imagery and pop culture. From billboards, consumer objects and music, to the signage around our communities, even the popular cultures we consume, these diverse influences shape his art. There is a beauty in the boldness of our modern visual cultures, their layered presence in

our lives, the way they weather and decay over time in the open spaces they inhabit.

In his work, he repurposes these elements, blending typography and texture to craft new and impactful artwork. He plans a lot of his work digitally, sketching onto a tablet or using photography, scanned textures and type to create initial collage compositions.

He repurposes found materials whilst blending this with digital techniques to produce exciting and bright physical artworks.

The final pieces are often bold and colourful. Creating a moment of liveliness and beauty from forgotten or overlooked everyday moments.