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Listing date January 5, 2024

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I am a graduate of Footwear and Accessories Design at London Collage of Fashion. Renush items are handmade mainly with high quality vegetable tanned leather which is free from chemicals and chrome. I’m passionate about sustainability and take a zero-waste approach to raw materials. Creating my leather pieces there is always offcuts, I use every bit of the leather hide. By using recycled leather salvaged from the offcuts from my other designs I am giving new life to the material that would otherwise not used. During my college years I became interested in the traditional technique of moulding, which combined with vegetable tan leather provides endless possibilities for manipulating and sculpting the hide into different shapes. I try to keep this very old technique alive and relevant by combining it with contemporary designs. It is a very labour-intensive manual method, which involves softening the hide in water and stretching it before it is sculpted onto to a cast to achieve the shape of the design. Once dried, it will permanently retain the desired shape.