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Shirley May

Shirley May
Category Painting
Listing date September 30, 2018

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Artist’s description

Drawing and painting since childhood, and while studying biology at UEA, Norwich, becoming a theatre nurse for ten years, then freelance indexer of medical and biological postgraduate books. Art Certificate and Printmaking Certificate studies at Brighton University. Exhibitions including in Open Houses in 1990’s. Published in “An Introduction to Painting Flowers” by Elisabeth Harden (Quintet 1994/2004) and image used on cover. Cover illustration for “Coffee Wisdom” by Theresa Cheung (Conari Press 2003), and drawings inside the book. Since 2011, giving a small water colour class in my home for 2 to 4 people. Sketching Plein air whenever possible, using water colours or gouache. Regular painting with two friends once a week.
My work:
I paint in response to my environment, creating colourful expressive pictures.
I try to document the beauty always in front of me. I have used acrylics, water colour, pastels, oil pastels, gouache, etching, screenprinting. My preferred media are water colour and gouache. I have good graphic skills, and my excitement comes from colour.