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Sonya Walters

Sonya Walters
Category Painting
Listing date January 19, 2023

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Artist’s description

I am a contemporary painter, and frequent AOH exhibitor,  working from my Brighton studio to produce often large abstract paintings in oil. The paintings are moody-layered-unexpected colour flashes-broad brushstrokes.

A fascination with colour is all encompassing. Memories of distant travels, or experience much closer to home such as my own tropical garden, are triggers to my practice. Working intuitively exploring wind and weather, seasonal change, heat and light, in urban Brighton’s surroundings…always the colour will lead me. “Large expressive oil paintings of pure colour…these paintings are vibrant, joyous and powerful and would work well in a light bright space”Artists review: AOH host Charlotte McPherson at Photographers Greenhouse AOH 2021

Size of paintings vary from 1m plus to smaller works which present well in groupings.

Do please contact me for more information.