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Amanda Glanville

Amanda Glanville
Category Glass
Listing date January 8, 2024

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Artist’s description

A glass maker who specialises in the miniature and fun, popular, colourful work. Amanda has done Open Houses previously and lots of other Art Trails around the UK and is now looking at an engaging, different approach to Open Houses display. In 2023 as part of Saltaire Arts Trail in Yorkshire, she concocted the ‘Tiny Glass Sweetshop’ – a window display for a tiny venue which was wildly popular because as one visitor said ‘You can only press your nose up to the window to peer in. Just like my childhood, you’re not allowed in!!’ There are little glass ice lollies, jellies, biscuits, old fave sweets such as sugar mice and toffee apples plus tiny stuff that today’s kids will recognise like (all the) Haribo. All 0.5cm-1cm in size. An on street window is important, but a domestic window is fine (doesn’t need to be a plate glass ‘shop’ window). Occasional access inside is useful, but can be completely self contained / set up and left as long as Amanda has space to lurk outside clad in a stripy apron! Totally up for other options for display!