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Andrea Harz

Andrea Harz
Listing date January 29, 2024

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UPDATE: I now have an art open house (George St, Kemptown) for 2024, but do get in contact here or through Instagram,  if you’d like to buy or stock my work.

Prints and Ceramics. Prints of local scenes with a slightly psychedelic edge. Ceramic mugs, vases, lidded pots and jewellery. Fat Boy Slim has my work on the wall of his house and also has a couple of mugs of mine. I’ve exhibited… and after a two year break, I’m back in full-on art-mode. I live in Saltdean, so if you want to come and see some of my work, you are very welcome. I did a couple of artist open houses before, one in Rottingdean (The Grange) and also one in Brighton (For the Man I love) so I know what’s involved. I had a stall at Camden Market for many years, so I’m good at selling too. Looking forward to hearing from you,  Andrea Harz.