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Immie Ruth Jones

Immie Ruth Jones
Listing date September 27, 2023

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Immie Ruth Jones applies an autobiographical approach to the mediums of knit, sculpture and illustration to produce tactile embodiments of their internal monologue. Their multidisciplinary practice involves a cathartic reflection on past turmoil, aiding the healing of past wounds and uncovering parts of the self which have been suppressed into the unconscious. This development enables the release of repressed emotions from the psyche, a mental relief proved unachievable through written or verbal methods alone. Recurring ‘Rat’ figures act as a form of personal symbolism, each motif representing different elements uncovered from their suppressed state of mind.


My practice challenges the misdiagnosis of women’s mental health issues being reduced solely to hormonal changes beginning menstruation. This misconception significantly impacts female wellbeing and access to appropriate care. Drawing from my own misdiagnosis in childhood, my fibre art pieces visually express my resentment. Through knit I re-invent the stereotypically ‘womanly’ craft of textiles, featuring unnerving compositions that contrast the tendernesses of soft yarn to emphasise the expectation for women to ‘soften’ their inner turmoil. I hope my pieces empower women to unabashedly express their unease or darkness and find solace in these shared experiences.