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Jane King

Jane King
Category Ceramics
Listing date December 9, 2023

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Artist’s description

My ceramic sculptures possess a strong voice, and a bold narrative about contrast, visual drama and playfulness.

My work is driven by my reflection that contemporary life, particularly as it is presented on ever-present social media, is so often a fiction: a curated, controlled and idealised version of ourselves and our doings rather than a reflection of the real, often chaotic and imperfect nature of existence. This concept is explored through the physical characteristics of my sculptures, with form, surface and colour acting as metaphors for control and disorder.

I aim for sculptural tension between states of messiness and the uncontrolled, and the tidy and ordered – the two states co-habiting dynamically in each object to achieve a contrast which is visually exciting. My work is process-driven, performative, and technically challenging. Surface treatments include dark glazes offset by vivid acrylic colour. The sculptures are small –  usually between 15 and 45cm in any dimension.

I have an MA in ceramics from Bath Spa University, and have exhibited my work widely nationally and internationally.

I would be interested in an open house focused mainly on ceramics, or sculpture, or a mix of complementary media such as paintings, textiles, printmaking.